Bring Your People and Brand Together With Archetypes

In 1919, the famed psychologist Carl Gustav Jung theorized that there was a set of common “archetypal” character types – or stories – common to all people and personalities. (Think: hero, king, trickster, etc.)

Not long thereafter, advertisers began embracing these archetypes to connect people emotionally to products and services. (Think: Budweiser, King of Beers.)

But archetypes don’t just exist in individuals and products. They exist in organizations too, at the cultural level.  And to succeed in today’s transparent marketplace, companies need to be sure that their brand supports – and is in authentic alignment with – their predominant cultural archetypes. 

But the challenge has always been, “How do you measure and quantify a cultural archetype?”

Well in 2015, the amazing folks at CultureTalk™ developed a solution: an easy-to-remember 12-archetype framework, and a scientifically validated survey platform for measuring the presence and strength of each archetype across an organization.      


BrandFoundations is proud to be one of the first partners certified in the use of this innovative platform, and with this powerful new framework and survey tool, we’re able to even more definitively align your brand and cultural narratives.

The result? Stronger belief and commitment to the brand and company by employees and customers alike. 

If you’d like to get a quick look at what archetypes show up in some of our favorite brands, download our Brand & Culture Archetype infographic.  

And if you’re intrigued about identifying your own brand archetype, contact us to learn more about conducting your own Brand-Culture Archetype Assessment.  

Reveal the dominant story your people are telling within the organization. 

Reveal the dominant story your people are telling within the organization.