Mission, Vision and Values are Dead! (So What’s Your Higher Purpose?)

Purpose-Way-Impact (PWI) is how today’s conscious companies communicate their most fundamental messages. And a PWI Workshop with BrandFoundations is the rocket-fast way to get there!

Is your organization united around a “higher purpose”? Are you searching for the clarity and authenticity that will resonate with both customers and employees? There is no more important or differentiating foundation for your organization than a clear and powerful expression of: (1) why you exist; (2) the unique ethos and behaviors that characterize the way you operate; and (3) the ultimate impact you make on society.

Sadly the stale old “Mission-Vision-Values” framework results in a set of jargon-filled, blah-blah, me-too statements that no one remembers.

BrandFoundations’ PWI methodology is the dynamic new alternative that’s been read, liked and shared more than 100,000 times on LinkedIn.

Our clients say…

“For any business, but especially those with investors, clarifying your purpose and impact is the most important thing. Investors need to see a big impact story to justify an investment. If the impact is big, that means the market is big and the opportunity for returns is big.”
— Dave Scalzo, Founder, Kirenaga Ventures
“We now have core messaging that can engage the whole employee journey, giving us a common language to express why and how we are doing things. BrandFoundation’s PWI messaging model has finally given voice to the way we think and feel about the company.”
— James Rudolf, COO, Trakcell

In Less Than a Day…

We’ll bring your leadership team together for an engaging and interactive brainstorming event that builds camaraderie and cohesion. Our proven process and format will challenge you and your team to arrive at a set of statements you’ll want to embrace… statements that can power your business to new levels of performance.  

See the Difference… Everywhere

Purpose-Way-Impact yields more than just a rousing set of statements. It can serve as a powerful catalyst for driving organizational strategy – and real bottom-line results – across the entire organization, including in such critical areas as:

  • Branding (both customer- and employee-facing)

  • Competitive Differentiation

  • Workplace Culture/Climate

  • Employee Engagement and Productivity

  • Talent Management (recruiting, reward and retention)

  • Leadership Development

Purpose-Way-Impact Fast Facts

What it is

A 4-6 hour workshop, professionally facilitated with dynamic exercises and proven outputs.

What You’ll Get

Powerful and jargon-free guiding statements that can:

  • align culture with strategy.

  • improve competitive differentiation.

  • enhance recruiting and retention.

  • accelerate change efforts.

Who It’s for

Leadership teams of established organizations managing through change.

The founding team of an early stage organization seeking to identify and articulate its differentiated “north star.”

How you’ll feel

  • Renewed pride in the organization.

  • Empowered to tell a more compelling story.

  • More energized and connected.

  • United around a common ideal.

  • Refreshed by “ah-ha” moments and new perspectives.

  • Amazed at how fast — and valuable — it was!

Visualizing P-W-I

Get Started Today!

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