Purpose-Way-Impact DIY Workshop Kit Sample

Worksheet Samples

Our Purpose-Way-Impact DIY workshop kit was designed to help you facilitate a fun, creative workshop with a proven set of exercises that will spur authentic conversation and unlock “a-ha!” moments of clarity and consensus. If you are considering the kit, and want to see a sample of what it contains for both facilitators and participants, then download our sample here.

Inside/Outside: Does Your Culture Measure Up to Your Brand? 


While the late management guru Peter Drucker is most famous for saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” he also gave us this pearl of wisdom: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” And culture, as we know, is notoriously difficult to measure.  In this webinar, BrandFoundations and CultureTalk show how leaders can actually quantify and better shape their organization’s culture through the use of time-tested archetypes or “personalities"… and steer clear of the self-induced brand damage we’ve seen at Wells Fargo, United Airlines, Uber to name just a few. 



Let’s be honest: No one remembers their organization’s Vision, Mission or Value statements… not even leadership. It’s a tired old framework that dates back to the 1960s. Every company has a different definition of what these statements are and many have stopped using them entirely. But the important ideas behind them haven’t gone away, they just need a more intuitive, memorable and useful framework. We propose a powerful new alternative: the 3-stage rocket of Purpose-Way-Impact. Download our infographic to learn more about the framework and see examples of how it could be applied to a few notable brands. 

Do Your Brand and Culture Tell The Same Story?

Brand-CultuRe Archetype Assessment

Your leaders tell a story in their vision for the organization. Marketing translates it into websites and communications. HR conveys it in recruiting materials. But what story are people actually hearing and telling each other? Get on the same page, before an undiscovered disconnect becomes a major headline. BrandFoundations’ Brand-Culture Archetype Assessment can empirically measure your company’s “unwritten narrative,” allowing you to get ahead of potential behavioral problems, and enable more authentic marketing, more effective recruiting, and more inspired leadership. 

Is It Time to Update Your Brand Message?

Diagnostic Tool

Your brand message is the most important “take-home” story conveyed by your marketing and your employees. It’s the first and last thing customers and prospects hear, and it’s often the only thing they remember and share. If it’s out of date, you may be out of luck. Use this simple self-diagnostic tool to assess whether it’s time to refresh the most important message you can communicate.

Which Brand/Culture Archetype Are You?


Archetypes are character types and narratives we universally recognize. They are at the heart of every great brand - and every organization’s culture. Recognizing and consciously developing them is the first step in differentiating yourself from competitors, connecting deeply with customers, and motivating employees - all of whom have archetypes of their own.  This infographic introduces the 12 most common archetypes, what they’re all about, and some of our favorite brands that follow them. Which are you?

Building a Brand on Purpose


Join BrandFoundations and iMillerPR in this short webinar recording as they discuss the challenges businesses face in trying to stand out in a crowded sea of sameness.  They will explore what it really means to be “different” and how that term has ceased to have meaning, why "branding” is not "marketing" and you need both, five best practices for “standing out" and how to implement them, and the impact a strong brand and culture can have on financial results.

The Value of Hidden Assets: How Brand & Culture Can Affect Exit Valuation

White Paper

Virtually every business owner, investor and CEO aims to maximize the value of their company.  To do so, they typically invest in those aspects of the business that are tangible and directly measurable: people, equipment, products, systems, etc. Far less attention is focused on nurturing the intangibles – like brand and culture – because they are harder to measure.  But by neglecting these areas of the business, leaders are missing out on two of biggest ways to drive exit valuation.

How Healthy Is Your Culture?

Diagnostic tool

You could design the perfect strategy for success in your market but ultimately, it comes down to people: if your culture isn’t healthy – or if your staff is not aligned – even the best strategies will eventually fail. Culture is like a garden: Something will grow there. Whether it’s weeds or vegetables is up to you. Get a sense of what’s growing in your garden with this simple diagnostic tool. Share with other leaders to get their perspectives.

How Strong Is Your Company Purpose?

diagnostic tool

Your company purpose isn’t just to make money. It’s the deeper reason that customers buy from you and employees bring their best every day. Companies with a compelling, well-defined and widely understood purpose experience faster innovation and revenue growth, higher employee engagement, greater productivity, and less turnover. Simply put: purpose drives performance. How well-defined and understood is yours? Use this short diagnostic survey to find out. Have a cross-section of employees and leaders take the survey then average the responses for a snapshot.