White Paper: Driving Exit Valuation With "Intangibles"

Advisors and owners will touch every part of a business in an effort to improve performance and maximize exit value. 

But what about the things they can’t touch? 

Intangibles like goodwill, brand and culture are the “dark matter” of the exit valuation universe: we can’t see or touch them, but we know they are there and we know they affect a buyer’s decision-making. 

The question is how, why and where?

BrandFoundations’ latest white paper takes a deep dive into the shadowy world of intangibles, shining a light on the two primary drivers of goodwill (brand and culture), uncovering research that shows five places buyers can see brand and culture creating value, and illuminating four simple investments any company can make in their brand and culture to unlock greater performance and value.

Download the white paper and then contact us to learn how BrandFoundations can help you unlock the value of your two most valuable hidden assets: brand and culture.