Webinar: Standing Out In a Sea of Sameness

Building a Brand on purpose 

Last week BrandFoundations and iMillerPR teamed up to deliver a webinar and share best practices on how companies in commodity markets can leverage brand and purpose to stand apart from the competition.  

Among the highlights we covered were:

1) The differences between branding, public relations, advertising and marketing.  As basic as it sounds this is something many business leaders fail to recognize and as a result, they misalign activities, budgets and expectations.

2) Why "differentiation" has ceased to have meaning. You know your product or service better than anyone, and you see a millions ways it's different than your competitors. But everyone else sees is a blur of similarity. Time to get out of the weeds and find a bigger story.

3) Purpose drives buying decisions (and profit).  Brain science shows us that buying decisions are _made_based on emotional connection rooted in universal human values.   A simple brand purpose can close more deals at higher prices than pages and pages of benefits and stats.

4) First Rule of Brand: Know Thyself. Standing out means knowing who you really are as an organization - not just as a product or service. Carl Jung's twelve archetypes provide a model for assessing cultural personality and building a unique authentic brand.

5) Facts Tell, Stories Sell. People recall - and share -  stories, more readily than facts. So if you want word of mouth referrals, if you want every customer to be a salesperson, arm them with a solid story. 

We covered a lot in less than an hour and if you'd like to get a replay of the whole thing, just visit our Resources page to download a recording of the webinar: Building Brand On Purpose.