Podcast: Brand, Culture & Telecom Mergers

The telecom and IT infrastructure markets have never been strangers to change. But lately, the pace has accelerated to a degree almost no one can keep up with. 

Technology cycles are turning faster than ever, and in a slower-expanding economy that challenges organic sales, leaders have turned to mergers & acquisitions to drive growth.  There have been over 2000 mergers in the telecom space since 2010.

But in the mad dash to keep up, marketers default to hyping the latest technology and lose sense of what makes a company truly unique. So, what is it – beyond the technology – that makes a company enduringly different, able to out-compete and adapt to change?  

Last week, we joined Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO.net on his weekly TMC podcast  ON RAD's Radar to discuss the telecom M&A environment and how companies in the infrastructure space can leverage their culture – and their brand – to align people, energize sales, sideline the competition and drive enterprise value.

Check it out at: http://blog.tmcnet.com/on-rads-radar/2016/08/mergers-culture-and-brands.html