Applying Purpose Way Impact (PWI) to Conscious Capitalism

BrandFoundations was honored to speak at the NY Human Resources People and Strategy meeting this month.  The meeting opened with an overview of “Conscious Capitalism” provided by founding member of the NYC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, Peter Laughter


Conscious Capitalism is a movement born out of the 2014 book of the same name co-authored by Whole Foods founder John Mackey and Raj Sisodia. The Conscious Capitalism movement holds that when businesses consciously focus on four core tenets – higher purpose, culture, leadership and all stakeholders (employees and the public, not just investors) – free enterprise capitalism can be the most powerful economic system ever conceived for social cooperation and human progress.  The book has spawned a movement that has grown to include countless corporate-social impact initiatives, Certified B-corporations, and Conscious Capitalism membership chapters across the globe.

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Amy Hall, the VP of Social Consciousness at Eileen Fisher also presented, describing the many beautiful ways her organization has consciously woven these tenets into their business model.  And Michael Williamson, the Director of Compliance at Pacific Dental Services shared how his company created a culture of conscious and willing (rather than forced) compliance.

BrandFoundations’ Chief Connector – JP Laqueur – demonstrated how conscious enterprises can more effectively communicate their “higher purpose” through our Purpose-Way-Impact (PWI) messaging model rather than the more traditional (and easily forgotten) Mission-Vision-Values framework. JP has also recently joined the board of Conscious Capitalism NYC and will be developing a 5-part series on Higher Purpose to be launched in June 2018.