BrandSnark: Good Week/Bad Week for the Big Brands

There’s really only one story in the brand world this week… and a number of high-profile brands have been swept into its tow and forced to take a stand.

Things got off to a rollicking start when some of the world’s best-known brands – United, Delta, Avis, Hertz – cut ties with the National Rifle Association in the wake of the horrible tragedy in Parkland, Florida and the NRA’s predictably tone-deaf reaction. By the middle of the week, it was a full-on exodus, with companies including Alamo, MetLife, Symantec, Best Western, Enterprise, Wyndham and countless others departing like so many corporate rats jumping off the sinking S.S. NRA.

But the Bold Week award goes to Dick’s Sporting Goods, which announced it would stop selling assault-style rifles and raise the age for purchasing other firearms and ammunition at its 600 stores from 18 to 21. Once Dick’s kicked the door open, Walmart and Kroger’s were quick to march on through, announcing similar actions. By Thursday night, Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops (both owned by the latter) as the only large retailers still selling assault-style rifles.