BrandSnark: Good Week/Bad Week for the Big Brands

Good Week: Netflix – The streaming service keeps racking up new subscribers, growing its total to 104 million, more than 5 million of whom signed up in recently concluded Q2. The company attributes the growth to its quirky and creative original programming.

Bad Week: Carrier Records filed by the HVAC leader with the State of Indiana reveal that the company plans to end employment for nearly 300 employees impacted by a previously announced job cut days before Christmas. That’s cold.

Worse Week: Chipotle – Tripping over themselves in a quest to earn a place on the Worse Week Mt. Rushmore, the hapless fast-Mex chain saw its stock drop 6% earlier this week on reports of several cases of illnesses – with norovirus-like symptoms – linked to a single Northern-Virginia restaurant. Chipotle stock dropped again – an additional 4.5% – on Thursday when video surfaced of mice running through a Dallas outlet. No truth to the rumor of a farmer’s wife sighting.