BrandSnark: Good Week/Bad Week for the Big Brands

Good Week: SpaceX – The Elon Musk-led aerospace firm just made history by launching a previously used rocket and landing it safely on a recovery craft in the Atlantic, a critical step in reducing the costs of future space travel. The lesson for my 16-year-old son: get used to driving that beat-up minivan.

Bad Week: GameStop After seeing sales decline and its stock take a 31% nosedive over the past 12 months, the Texas-based video game chain announced it will close as many as 190 of its 6,600 stores worldwide. #gameover

Worse Week: Westinghouse ElectricThe venerable U.S. brand is filing for bankruptcy according to parent company Toshiba, which purchased the company more than a decade ago. Toshiba is blaming delays and cost overruns at nuclear plants under construction in South Carolina and Georgia that have resulted in billions of dollars of losses.