BrandSnark: Good Week/Bad Week for the Big Brands

Good Week: Airlines – Riding the free-perks wave that’s seen a number of carriers offer complimentary wi-fi and premium movies, both Delta and American Airlines launched free meals on certain coast-to-coast flights.  

Bad Week: Nike The athletic shoe and apparel giant took a hit in its second-largest market when a consumer-protection show on state-run television in China ran an expose alleging the company engages in false advertising about the components of its basketball shoes sold in that country.

Worse Week: Neiman-MarcusThe venerable luxury retailer, which also operates the high-end Bergdorf Goodman chain, announced it may seek a purchaser after its sixth consecutive quarter of declining revenue. The company cites increased competition from both online (eBay) and bricks-and-mortar (luxury consignment shops) alternatives.