BrandSnark: Good Week/Bad Week for the Big Brands

Sad Week: Lord & Taylor In yet another sign of growing retail woe, the venerable department store is selling its iconic building on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue –designated a NYC landmark not long ago – to office-sharing giant We Work. L&T will retain a quarter of the space as a scaled-down store. Old economy, meet new economy. Disregard the perfume stench.

Bad Week: Fisher-Price – The ubiquitous children’s product manufacturer recalled 65,000 of its Soothing Motions infant-motion seats due to fire hazard resulting from overheating of the motor housing.

Odd Week: McDonald’s – The world’s largest “restaurant” chain confused customers in China by changing its official business name in that country from “Maidanglao” (a Chinese version of “McDonald’s”) to “Jingongmen,” which loosely translates as “Golden Arches.” No truth to the rumor that “Bunsoflab” and “Arteryclog” were also on the re-naming, ahem, menu.