Good Week/Bad Week in Branding

Good Week: Tecate – The south-of-the-border beer brand launches an anti-domestic violence television ad in which it asserts that it won’t sell its products to men who commit violence against women. The Mexican government and the National Network of Shelters are helping support the campaign.

Bad Week: SodaAs a public health measure, the city of Philadelphia is enacting a new, higher tax on sugary beverages sold in the city. The powerful American Beverage Association has spent millions to defeat similar measures in New York and other big U.S. cities, but Philly’s move may take the fizz out of the opposition: Oakland, California and Boulder, Colorado are expected to follow suit later this month and a number of other cities are mulling sugar-drink taxes.

Worse Week: Gawker –The popular digital media company/gossip purveyor – driven into bankruptcy after a court ordered it to pay $130 million in damages to legendary WWF ‘roid-rage poster-boy Hulk Hogan – is now on the auction block for a fraction of its former value. Gawker editors are doubtlessly regretting their decision to post the Hogan sex video instead of the one showing the Iron Sheik demonstrating how to fold a fitted sheet.