Good Week/Bad Week in Branding

Bad Week: Twitter – Shares tumble after investors react to a decline in users last quarter and general uncertainty about the service’s ongoing role, including a much-discussed potential end to the 140-character limit. #nowwhat?

Worse Week: The Oil Industry – With the price of oil fast approaching $25/barrel, North American oil companies are shutting down non-performing wells and losing a combined $350M per day. When the barrel is worth more than the oil that’s inside it, Houston, we have a problem. Midland and Galveston, too.

Together at Last?: Mattel and Hasbro –  The global toy giants – fierce rivals for more than 60 years – are talking about a merger that would create a $20B colossus of plastic. G.I. Joe was unavailable for comment, but TMZ spotted his Jeep parked in front of Barbie’s Dream Townhouse.