BrandSnark: Good Week/Bad Week for the Big Brands

Good Week: Ikea The pack-it-flat, assemble-it-yourself furniture is bringing a bit of Sweden to its U.S. workforce, expanding paid family leave for new parents to as much as four months. The policy will cover both full-time and part-time employees and includes mothers, fathers, adoptive parents and foster parents. Non-disposable employees: will the U.S.-based retail giants catch on?

Up in the Air: Delta and United – Like jets headed in opposite directions, Delta announced this week that it will begin testing re-instating free meals on flights between NY and LA… while United let slip plans to charge additional fees for use of the overhead baggage compartments beginning in 2017. #insulttoinjury

Bad Week: General Mills The venerable cereal company feels the crunch after a string of weak quarters and announces a restructuring that will result in the loss of 400-600 jobs. General Mills’ remaining 38,000-plus employees are thanking their Lucky Charms they still have jobs and are hoping that these latest moves will do the Trix in turning the company’s fortunes around… and not herald a Total disaster.