Give Your People, Your Customers and Yourself Something to Believe In

Let’s face it: the old “Mission, Vision and Values” construct is dead. No one can ever remember their organization’s mission, vision or value statements let alone agree on how to define them. Plus, when virtually every organization claims “integrity” as a core value, the resulting statements become a series of bland “me-too” jargon that fails to inspire employees and customers or provide meaningful differentiation for your brand

The good news? You can do better. And you can do it yourself (with a little help from BrandFoundations).


Recently, we unveiled an alternative model on Linkedin called Purpose-Way-Impact (PWI) that helps our clients generate truly authentic foundational statements that actually deliver a powerful competitive and culture advantage.

In just a few months, PWI spread virally, reaching more than 80,000 readers, many of whom asked for help in bringing the new model to their own organizations and clients.

To meet this demand, we spent the last few months developing a do-it-yourself workshop kit that allows any leader or advisor to facilitate a fun, creative workshop with a proven set of exercises that will spur authentic conversation and unlock “a-ha!” moments of clarity and consensus.

With this DIY workshop kit, you’ll quickly create the clear, compelling statements that inspire and align your people, connect them personally with the organizations’ greater purpose, and empower them to passionately communicate what sets you apart from competitors.

You’ll give your people, your customers, and yourself something to believe in. And you’ll never have to ignore, hide or make excuses for your lame mission, vision and values statements again.

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